Is your customer being not willing to pay?

For the strategically growth of a business, are debt collection services important? Most people are not even aware about such services are available in the market.

Most probably customer pays their bills on time, but there are times when customers are not in condition to pay their bills or will not pay their bills. This because large amount stuck and lack in growth of business. For continuous growth of business an essential element is to clear debts and for that a business could choose debt collection services for a tension free collection and can also concentrate on other aspects of business otherwise it may end up going unpaid.

It’s necessary to choose a reputed debt collection company for good recovery rate.

As you could search many of B2B collection service in Ads or read in the newspapers which helps you recover the loss from debts. They may look more like gangsters than businessmen, but in reality B2B collection service professionally run their enterprise and have more courteous, experienced people in handling puzzled cases and are good in interaction with their clients. This lead them to be successful and have an extremely high recovery rate.

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How We Collect Outstanding Debts

Step By Step Process

1. Identify the Problem ASAP

The sooner you can identify a problematic debt the better, because the older a debt becomes the trickier it is to collect! This could be due to difficulty in locating debtor details, old invoices, etc. to difficulty in locating debtor details, old invoices, etc.

2. Get in Touch

Once you have identified a problematic debt, this is how you can get in touch: – 0120-4198147
Sumera Ali – 9971019587
Vipul Singhal – 9540885043

3. Register as a Customer

All new customers need to register with us.
We agree to terms and you sign a Debt Collection Agreement. It’s that simple!

4. Submit a Case

A single / multiple debt case(s) is submitted via assigned executive.
The more debtor contact information and supporting documentation (such as copy invoices and/or statement of account) you can give us the better!

5. Confirmation of Case Receipt

You will receive confirmation from us that we have received your case.
We will begin collecting immediately upon receipt of your case.

6. Case Assigned to Collector

Our professional collectors are experienced in local collections procedures, legal processes, cultures and importantly speak the same language as your debtor.
We will use every available resource to recover your debt, while respecting your debtor relationships.

7. Contact Debtor for Payment

Using structured telephone calls and letters, we’ll Endeavour to recover your money swiftly, whilst keeping you informed of our progress along the way!
We will work on collecting your debts so that you can focus on your core business.
We do personal visits also wherever required to fasten the process of collection.

8. Regular Case Updates

You will receive regular communication and monitoring regarding your case. Real time updates are available through our assigned executive for your case.
We will also contact you with important information, such as: Debtor response / a payment has been made / etc.
We will also publish a dashboard every 15 days or as agreed.

9. Debt Paid in Full/Installments

We will keep you posted on payments received in your Bank A/c through your debtors.
Our aim is to collect your debts while preserving your valued business relationships!

Why Should You Hire A Debt Collection Company?

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Cash makes possible to meet its obligations to its suppliers and financial partners.

Cash allows the payment of salaries, and provides the ability to invest and develop the business.

In view of above requirement of cash for a healthy business lifecycle you need to have an expert debt collection company to assist you in all your collection needs.

Benefits of hiring a Debt Collection Company-

  • It provides you clear and true picture of your debtors and the timeline in which the payments can be recovered.

  • Debt Collection Company has specialized knowledge and tools to recover your unpaid invoices.

  • Debt Collection Company follows a process of win-win situation for both the parties as it tries for amicable payment solutions for further business continuity.

  • Debt Collection companies generally charge for the work done by them hence saving huge manpower cost of company who have a team to pay up regular salaries despite payments recovered or not